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Thinking about Valentines Day in a different way


One of the most essential human needs is to be loved. Valentines Day is just an excuse to express love, particularly in a romantic sense. It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic though and it doesn't have to be a gift for a partner. Valentines Day can be all about spreading the love to everyone. Tell you friends and family you love them and show them in creative ways! It doesn't have to break the bank either, see 33 Creative and Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas.

Having personally worked at a florist, I learned that the wholesalers of roses raise their prices leading up to and during Valentines Day, forcing retail florists to do the same. Despite this, florists experience a 500% increase in sales on Valentine’s Day compared with an average day in February. Don't get me wrong, every girl loves flowers - but if 'every day should be like Valentines Day' maybe the flowers should be saved for an average day and Valentines Day could be used to show real love in a different way.

Giving is one of the most basic ways to show love and has been since the dawn of time. Even animals are known to give gifts of food to woo potential partners. For Valentines Day this year - if you are celebrating it at all - maybe you could try and think outside the generic heart shaped box. Even if your partner expects a gift, doesn't mean you have to give a gift that's expected. In fact, the element of surprise will be far more effective, appreciated and remembered. A really special and sentimental gift is one that reflects their personality. Something unique, something personal, something different.

Hey gals! A unique V-Day idea for the the guys: 5 Steps - How to make bacon roses 

For those who forgot. Last but not least, don't underestimate the power of the day after Valentines Day. This day is like Boxing Day for chocolate. If you missed Valentines Day, you should be able to make up for it with five times the amount of chocolate for the same price you would have spent on the day. Any local supermarkets will have crazy specials!

Surprising Valentines Day Facts:
  • Only 36% of Australians celebrate Valentines Day compared to 55% of Americans that celebrate the occasion.
  • A quarter of Americans under the age of 35 who celebrate Valentines Day purchase gifts for their pets. 
  • Australians spend an average of $127 on Valentine’s Day gifts and activities.
  • 14% of American women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  • 53% of American women would end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentines Day.
  • The places with the most single people in Australia are the suburbs of Carlton in Victoria, Murdoch in WA and Haymarket in NSW; while Tieri, Dundowran Beach and Augustine Heights in Queensland have the highest proportions of people who are in de facto or registered marriages.
  • Those working in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries have the highest proportion of people in registered or de facto marriages, while the accommodation and food services industries had the lowest.

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