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An Art Project to Spread the Love


Back in the day (around 2010) when I was doing a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design I did an art project that was also kind of a social experiment to spread the love. Having taken after my Dad and practising a kind of art he calls 'experiential art' (art through experience) I was excited to communicate the message that I was intending: that beauty is within the eye of the beholder and love can be spread to anyone.   

So here's what I did; I made 100 little gift boxes out of coloured paper, each one was unique - to reflect that each person is different. When the box was opened it was empty, but there was a tiny circular mirror on the bottom of the inside of the box - about the size of your eye. I know this sounds weird, anyone opening a little gift box might expect something like a ring or a chocolate. The idea of the mirror was to try and communicate that the person themself was the gift. The size of the mirror meant that when you looked inside you could only really see the reflection of your eye - meaning the beauty is within and is within the eye of the beholder. 


On the inside of the lid of the box was a little message saying "Give this to a beautiful person". So I went down a busy shopping strip with my basket full of little colourful gift boxes and I gave them out to random people. I think many of them were surprised when they realised I wasn't trying to sell anything and just wanted to give them a present!

I hope that some of those people got the message that they are unique, beautiful and loved. I also hope that at least some of them passed on the gift to someone else to spread the love. I had no way of actually tracking where they went, so I wonder how many people this project effected and if any of the boxes are still kicking around today.

If anyone has come across one please do let me know

When I did this project (as challenging as it was to walk up to strangers) I was already fulfilling my life purpose, even though I hadn't actually identified what that was at the time. I was put on this earth to spread the love, that's what I've always done and will always do. There are infinite ways to spread love and understanding that everyone is unique is key to doing it successfully. 

If you can associate with this I encourage you to keep up the awesomeness.

Keep smiling,

Thoughts Count 💕🔆

Written by Holly Best, Feb 2019.


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