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10 Unique and Thoughtful Card Messages

Send a thoughtful message with your gift.

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We're all trying to send some sort of message when we give a gift, but articulating what we actually mean on the card can sometimes be more difficult than choosing the gift itself. I admit I've been guilty of not writing a card at all, I'm sure many have. The thing is, a card message with a gift is a rare opportunity to express how important a person really is to us and why. 

Whether you just mean to say 'I love you' or 'You're an awesome mate', there will be something meaningful here in these 10 Unique and Thoughtful Card Messages:

  1. Dear [NAME],
    I wanted to do something a bit different this year so I could express how special you are to me. You are a unique and amazing individual and I really admire the way you are just yourself, every day. 
    I chose this gift especially for you because I thought it would reflect who you are and I hope you enjoy it! Keep being you. 
    With all the love in the world, [NAME].

  2. Hey [NAME],
    I don't want to sound lame but you're a f*****g awesome person! In case you didn't realise it, you're sick as for countless reasons. Here's an amazeballs gift for you because you deserve it. 
    Stay awesome, [NAME].

  3. Dearest [NAME],
    You are the most important person to me in the whole world. I love the way you are so [INSERT POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES] every day and so effortlessly. You make it easier for me to get up in the morning. I love you like the ever expanding universe. Keep being the amazing person you are.
    Forever yours, [NAME].

  4. To [NAME],
    You are a truly inspiring [woman/man]. This gift is for you as I wanted to express my appreciation for all you have done for me. Without your hard work and dedication I wouldn't be where I am today, so I would like to thank you very much.
    Wishing you all the best on this special day, [NAME].

  5. Hey mate,
    I chose this gift for you because I thought it really suits your personality. You're one of my best friends and hanging out with you is always fun. Keep being the coolest [guy/chick] ever.
    Your mate, [NAME].

  6. Dear [NAME],
    Wishing you all the joy and happiness on this special day. I hope today is filled with peace, laughs, fun and love. Every day you show the world how much of an amazing person you really are, with all of the kindness and love that you always give to others. The world would be a better place with more people like you. Your huge heart and humble way inspires those around you. You are perfect just the way you are, so keep it up :) I love you so much.
    Lots of love, [NAME].

  7. Dear [NAME],
    You are a true friend. I wanted to thank you for being there for me during really hard times. I know I can always count on you and I hope you know that I'm just a phone call away if you ever need me too. Thanks for somehow forcing laughter out of me when I most need it and for all the great times we've had together. I look forward to many more years of silly times with you. I really appreciate hanging out with such a like-minded person. With you around, I know I'm not alone. You're awesome.
    Best friends forever, [NAME].

  8. To my darling [NAME],
    I've already told you this so many times but I can never say it enough. I love you. You complete me, without you it would feel like something was missing. You inspire me to be a better person and help me to improve myself in so many ways. I wouldn't rather spend this journey of life with anyone else. You are my other half and although we have our seperate lives, I love knowing that you'll be there when I come home. I wanted to communicate my love for you with this gift that I think will encourage who you are. I love you.
    Together forever, [NAME].

  9. Dear [NAME],
    You have been the best [RELATIONSHIP (Mum, brother, etc.)] to me ever. I've always looked up to you because I'm inspired by the good kind of person that you are. You've always set a good example for me and helped to shape the person I am today. I'm so glad that you're the person I've been most influenced by. Thank you so much for looking after me all these years and for your unconditional and everlasting love. I hope this gift shows my appreciation, even though I could never thank you enough.
    Lots of love, [NAME].

  10. To my dear [NAME],
    I just wanted you to know how proud of you I am. Even if I don't say it enough, I do love you and am so proud of the person you've become. I very much value your patience, kindness and how much effort you put into achieving your goals and growing as a person. I accept you and love you for the person you are. Keep up the great work. Lots of love, [NAME].

So there they are, I hope you found one relevant to your relationship. If you would like to make it even more personalised, it's a great idea to include any in-jokes you have with the person too. A card that makes you laugh is always a good one - and for some reason in-jokes are even more powerful when written down. Don't forget you can mix and match the different messages and sentences - you are welcome to use any of these ideas! The most important thing is that you're communicating how you feel about that person in particular.

I hope you enjoy the special occasion with your loved one. In the end, it's the thought that counts. 

Spread the love,

Thoughts Count. 💕🔆


Written by Holly Best, March 2019.

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